A Lolós

A mattress store in San Sebastián. They are specialists in rest systems such as mattresses, upholstered bed bases, pillows, etc. They work with the best brands, among these are, Tempur, Sealy, Lattoflex, Swissflex, Pikolin, Bultex, Novo Sueño and Pardo.

Arin y Embil

Arín y Embil is a fourth generation family business that sells and manufactures custom-made furniture and decoration items. They are characterised by their commitment to work well done, the quality of the products they work with and providing an attentive service. This year they celebrate 125 years in the furniture sector, made possible thanks to their ability to adapt to the new times and the needs of each customer.

Bar Agustín

Bar Agustín is a catering establishment located on Calle Sancho el Sabio with an extensive selection of beverages, pintxos and a pleasant atmosphere.

Bar El Once

El Once serves and recommends wines as well as a menu of portions and pintxos. The kitchen draws on top quality canned food, served on toasted bread and prepared with olive oil.

Bar Gavilán

An establishment specialized in drinks and tapas located on Sancho el Sabio street. It is a quiet place where you can have an aperitif, a drink or one of its cocktails.

Basket Country

Basket Country Donosti is the basketball reference store in Gipuzkoa. The only NBA spot in San Sebastián and one of the few in Spain. Fans can find team shirts from the greatest League in the world. In Basket Country Donosti you can equip yourself with basket aesthetics and find technical basketball shoes  – from leading brands such as Nike, Adidas and Jordan – with the best grip, most cushioning and more breathability than regular brands.

Casa de Flame Fried Chicken

Casa de Flame Fried Chicken offers a selection of Turkish food and crunchy fried chicken with a range of spices from its establishment on Calle Sancho el Sabio.

Donostea & Coffee

Donostea & Coffee is an establishment specialised in breakfasts but it also serves food and beverages throughout the day in a warm, relaxed and modern atmosphere, located on the corner of Araba Park and Sancho el Sabio.

Estanco Oroz

A tobacconist located in the Amara district in which to find all types of tobacco and related articles, as well as the main betting games, a selection of snacks and other kiosk items.

Inmobiliaria Etxeberria

Inmobiliaria Etxeberria es a real estate agency located in the district of Amara which belongs to a group of real estate agencies who work together to promote your apartment. In addition, they advise their customers about how to get the best out of their properties.

Ortopedia Bidasoa

A business founded in 1981 for manufacturing, selling and dispensing orthopedic products. It has qualified orthopedic technicians and an expert technician for custom-made products. It also provides customers with an extensive catalogue of articles for solving specific and/or permanent needs of people with mobility difficulties.

Pescadería Ortigala

A business selling top quality retail fish and sea food. It has a large variety of fresh products.

Puertas Amara

Puertas Amara has a long-standing tradition in selling an installing doors, windows, cupboards and floorboards. It has a large range of materials and permanent special offers to configure your home. Its models are compatible with any space and style.



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